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The Ultimate Hunting Experience

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in search of a record book trophy or a first-time hunter looking to fill the spot over your mantle, Champion Ranch is your destination.

From the moment you approach the gate to the moment it closes behind you, a truly first-class experience will exceed your every expectation. Over 25 species freely roam this panoramic wildlife haven. As you approach any one of the massive cliffs along the miles of Colorado River, herds of everything from native whitetail deer to African Blue Wildebeest can be spotted having a drink. While chasing quail, you may be tempted to stop and glass two fallow bucks crashing antlers or perhaps the bouncing of blackbuck disturbed by a stampeding herd of buffalo.

The nightlife at Champion Ranch proves to be as much fun as the hunting. While the beef tenderloin is being rolled for you above an open-flame mesquite campfire, you are busting clay pigeons on the halogen-lit skeet range. The friendships formed and good times had at Champion Ranch will last a lifetime.

Champion Ranch Colorado City, Texas